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At Olimag Sands, we offer high quality resistant sands that offer optimal results which are perfect for Surface Preparation.

Unlock Precision with JETMAG: Elevating Surface Preparation Excellence

Welcome to Olimag Sands, where innovation meets excellence in the realm of surface preparation. Our flagship product, JETMAG, stands as a testament to our commitment to delivering top-tier abrasives for diverse industrial needs. Whether you're dealing with heavy rust, painted steel, or resurfacing auto bodies, JETMAG offers a comprehensive solution with five different grades tailored to your unique requirements.

Surface Preparation on Metal: An Essential Step for Superior Results

Surface preparation on metal surfaces is a critical step in achieving superior results in various industrial applications. Whether you're preparing surfaces for painting, coating, or welding, the level of preparation directly influences the longevity and performance of the finished product. Proper surface preparation ensures the removal of contaminants, rust, and irregularities, creating an ideal canvas for subsequent treatments.

Surface Profile Requirements: Precision Matters

The surface profile, measured in mils (thousandths of an inch), is a key factor in surface preparation. Different applications require specific surface profiles to ensure optimal adhesion and performance. Achieving the right surface profile is crucial for coating durability, corrosion resistance, and overall product functionality.

Diverse Industrial Needs for Surface Preparation:

  1. JETMAG 16-60: Crafted for heavy-duty applications, this grade is perfect for tackling heavy rust, pre-metalization, concrete blasting, and works on bridges, ships, and shipbuilding. Designed to create deep cavities in metal, providing surface profiles ranging from 4 mils to 6 mils.

  2. JETMAG 30-60: Our most versatile abrasive, suitable for a wide range of industrial needs. Ideal for painted steel, rusted structural steel, industrial equipment, heavy machinery, and trucks. Offers a surface profile of 2.5 to 4 mils.

  3. JETMAG 32B4: Tailored for new steel and effective in removing scale. Also used on metal surfaces with low rust, trucks, flatbeds, and other equipment. Delivers a precise surface profile ranging from 2 to 3 mils.

  4. JETMAG 35-70: A powerful abrasive predominantly used in the automotive industry. Perfect for resurfacing auto bodies before painting and on stainless steel. Provides a surface profile of 1.5 to 2.5 mils.

Choose Precision, Choose JETMAG:

Olimag Sands understands the diverse demands of surface preparation in various industries. JETMAG's range of grades ensures you have the right tool for the job, delivering precision, efficiency, and exceptional results. Elevate your surface preparation experience with JETMAG - where precision meets performance. Contact us today to explore the perfect abrasive solution for your unique needs.

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