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JETMAG Lightweight Abrasive for heavy duty Jobs!

At Olimag Sands, we offer high quality resistant sands that offer optimal results which are perfect for Sandblast. Using JETMAG for your surface preration will make you save time and money.

Welcome to Jetmag - Your Premier Abrasive Solution for Sandblasting

Introducing Jetmag, the superior abrasive designed to elevate your sandblasting experience. At Jetmag, we take pride in offering a high-quality, low-density abrasive that outshines the competition, providing more volume per weight for efficient and effective sandblasting.

Key Features:

  1. Low Density Advantage: Jetmag stands out with its low-density composition, offering more volume per weight than most competitors. This unique characteristic translates to increased productivity and cost-effectiveness for your sandblasting projects.

  2. Versatile Applications: Jetmag is your go-to solution for sandblasting a wide range of surfaces, including equipment, machinery, cars, bridges, and ships. Its versatility makes it an essential choice for various industrial and automotive applications.

  3. Complete Service: At Jetmag, we prioritize your convenience. Choose from our comprehensive service options, including door-to-door delivery to your jobsite, or the flexibility to pick up your order using your own transport.

  4. Efficiency in Action: Experience unmatched performance with Jetmag's exceptional speed of work. Our abrasive is engineered to deliver fast and efficient results, ensuring your projects are completed with precision and in a timely manner.

  5. Packaging Options: Jetmag offers flexibility in packaging to suit your specific needs. Opt for our convenient big bags on sturdy wooden pallets or choose the convenience of 25 kg bags, also available on wooden pallets. For larger projects, take advantage of our bulk delivery option using tank trucks.

Trust Jetmag to provide the reliability and efficiency you need for your sandblasting endeavors. Our commitment to quality, combined with a range of service options, makes us the preferred choice for professionals in the field. Elevate your sandblasting experience with Jetmag - Where Excellence Meets Efficiency!

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