Maximum efficiency for a well done job!

For the most demanding sand blast cleaning works, OLIMAG brings you its JETMAG® family of abrasive sands.

With its strong breakage resistance and high execution speed, JETMAG® represents and exceptional cost / efficiency ratio that set it apart in the industry.


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A maximum protection for the worker and his environment!

Made entirely of synthetic olivine, JETMAG® blasting sands are non-toxic and are not listed as a hazardous material under the WMHIS. The use of JETMAG® generates little dust, is safe for the user and its work place, and is environment friendly.

  • They contain less than 1 % of free silica.
  • They holds no heavy metals and no toxic elements.
  • They can be recycled and re-used 3 - 4 times.
  • They are not listed as dangerous waste when in need to be disposed.
  • Its weak density (specific weight) means a higher quantity of material (volume) for a given weight.
    • 34 % more product than with iron silicate !
    • 46 % more product than with garnet !



JETMAG® sands fully meet the highest industry standards for abrasive media products


In order to meet the most demanding needs in the field of sand blasting cleaning, JETMAG® products are proposed in a wide range sizing:

  • 16 - 60
  • 30 - 60
  • 32B4
  • 35 - 70
  • 60B2


Jetmag Technical Data Sheet

Jetmag Safety data sheet 



JETMAG® abrasive sands: the best results at the lowest costs!

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