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Geothermal Sand
Geothermal Sand
Traction Sand for locomotive
Traction Sand for locomotive
Established in 1986, Olimag became the most important producer of non-toxic abrasives for sandblasting and of synthetic olivine (magnesium silicate) for Eastern Canada. The trademark name is Jetmag ®.

Jetmag has become the most used abrasive for heavy machinery, bridges and ships.

Olimag also produces refractory sand for steel mills under the trademark name of Magfill®. We distribute to steel mills in over 8 countries.

Over the last 20 years, Olimag has regularly invested in its technologies and the improvement of its abrasives quality (5 grades).

Data Sheet

Jetmag Sheet (MSDS)
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Air Ressource Board Certification (California)
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Technical data sheet

Jetmag Sheet
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Magfill Sheet
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